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18 9月 2015 in 普洱讲坛

作者 : pecqt

Bell Intrigna Completes First Phase of Alberta

Alberta SuperNet project is a three year, $295 million undertaking to expand high speed Internet and broadband capabilities to 90% of Albertans.

On November 2, 2000, the Government of Alberta selected Bell Intrigna, BellNexxia and key partner Axia to lead the deployment of a next generationnetwork to 422 locations throughout Alberta. Every community with a school,library, hospital or provincial government office will be connected to thehigh speed network within three years, creating one of the most advancednetworks in the world.

In total, SuperNet will require a $295 million investment. Intrigna andBell Nexxia combined will invest a total of $102 million in the core portionof the network, which will reach the 27 largest communities involved in theinitiative. The Alberta Government will contribute the remaining $193million.

As part of the agreement announced last November, Intrigna was also awardeda major portion of the Government of Alberta existing telecom business,valued at a guaranteed minimum of $169 million over ten years. Intrigna hasdelivered telecommunications services under that agreement, valued atapproximately $2 million per month, since the first quarter of this year. Inaddition, through a separate contract, Bell Intrigna will deliver furthertelecommunications services to SuperNet in the core network locations. Thiscontract is expected to generate approximately $160 million in revenue.

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